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Mexican Dreamer Detained in Tacoma, WA.

  A 23 year old Mexican man, brought to this country by his parents at a very young age was detained by U.S. Immigration Authorities.  He lives and works in the U.S. under the DACA program. He is being held in the Detention Center in Tacoma, WA. This program currently protects approximately 750,000 people from […]

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Obama Will Push Immigration Reform

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  President Obama said on Tuesday that the immigration reform will be top priority once the physical crisis has been resolved. In an Interview with the Spanish network Univision, Obama said the once the physical crisis is done, he will push to call a vote on immigration reform. “Once that’s done, you know, the day […]

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Former President Bush declares, “Not only do immigrants help build our economy, they invigorate our soul.”

Former President W. Bush has called upon lawmakers, especially Republicans, to move beyond the rhetoric of division and embrace immigration reform. Bush did push for immigration reform before he left office, but was blocked right-wing forces in his own party. That same right-wing of the Republican party pushed Mitt Romney to the Republican party nomination […]

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