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Jan Brewer On Immigration Detention Releases

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Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced on Monday that they had reviewed a number of cases and decided to release a number of undocumented immigrants who are low priority cases or non-criminals. Earlier this week Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) was calling the move “Pure political posturing” that “represents a return to exactly the kind of […]

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Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer wanted to opt out of the Medicaid expansion – until she realized it could give better medical care to Immigrants!

  Arizona continues its war on immigrants by entangling Medicaid with its immigration fight. Officials from Arizona realized and explained in a set of memos that “If Arizona does not expand[MediCaid], for poor Arizonans below (the federal poverty line), only legal immigrants, but not citizens, would be eligible for subsidies,”. Is the Governor this mean to immigrants […]

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DACA DREAMers sue Michigan for refusing them driver’s licenses.

DREAMers with approved DACA applications in Michigan have been denied access to driving privileges – just like in Arizona and Nebraska.  Now DREAMers are responding by suing Michigan for the right to have a drivers license. We have a massive disconnect with logic here. Young people granted DACA protection are obviously following the rules and […]

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