President Obama Should Act on Immigration


obamaFlagScott D. Mills

As Congress takes a vacation on immigration reform, pressure grows on President Obama to do more. The power of the Executive branch is great – we have already seen Obama give us DACA with the stroke of a pen – and also seen the lawsuit to dismiss that program tossed out of court.

Obama can do this. Obama can also do this in a much more pro-immigrant way than Congress ever will. On FoxNews Sunday, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor reiterated the Republican demands that immigrants seeking legal status would face taxes and fines, and that border security must come first. President Obama can extend immigration benefits without including any of those Republican demands.

By executive order, President Obama can immediately stop deporting parents of children living in the United States illegally. He can expand the DACA program to include a wider age range of people. The President and the new Homeland Security chief can detain fewer immigrants – and keep more families together.

The Conservatives in Congress love to use the phrase “Kicking the Can Down the Road” when blaming everyone else for our problems. That is certainly what they have done here with immigration. Which is exactly why we need the President to wield the power of the Executive Order to help people today.
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