Former President Bush declares, “Not only do immigrants help build our economy, they invigorate our soul.”

Former President W. Bush has called upon lawmakers, especially Republicans, to move beyond the rhetoric of division and embrace immigration reform. Bush did push for immigration reform before he left office, but was blocked right-wing forces in his own party. That same right-wing of the Republican party pushed Mitt Romney to the Republican party nomination for President, largely because of his anti-Immigrant positions.

Many Washington watchers believe that the President and Congress will soon face of on legislation similar to the DREAM Act. Although the DREAM Act died on Capitol Hill – election results are certain to resurrect immigration reform.

Bush’s re-election in 2004 was only possible because he won 44% of the Hispanic vote. Romney garnered only 27% of the Hispanic vote in 2012 on his way to defeat. You cannot turn your back on Latinos and immigration policy and win national elections. The Obama administration understands this, and we are confident that we will see real immigration reform this spring. That goal will be easier if Republicans listen to their former leader.


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