New Immigration Policy – Going Easier on Parents


Immigration agents will now be able to give more leniency to parents who end up in immigration custody. according an Obama administration policy directive released on Friday.

ICE will now have the ability to be easier on undocumented immigrants that have children in the US. Agents should now be able to consider whether the immigrant in custody has a family or not. Most of the people that do end up in ICE custody are often the sole providers for their families. If they do end up in detention it creates a financial burden to the family.

As mention in the article several weeks ago Sen. Marco Rubio warned if Repulicans do not take action on Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Obama would use his executive power to do so.

We, as many others, do hope that an agreement is reached.

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  1. Sally Ramirez says:

    I am in this situation my husband was deported in 2008 for wreckles drivn.deported but had attorney that filed paperwork for them to reopen case from 2000 for dv,which was my fault,and to stop deport. But right after he turned it in they deported him next in 2011dui paid att. But the att. Didn’t really now me and my kids are on are own.I’m native american. So I do hope they help familys in this situation.