Immigration Bill Passes the US Senate! SÍ SE PUEDE!

We have no idea what will really happen in the House of Representatives, but the Senate has finally passed an immigration bill. This is a historic day, but I am very concerned.

The Senate is the more liberal and pro-immigration than the House. Yet the billed passed today in the Senate is not very progressive or generous – and we should expect a harsher bill from the House. The Senate bill requires an onerous 13-year path to citizenship, what will Republicans in the House demand? There have been discussions in the House of taking back the legal status and work authorization if border security standards are not met 5 years from now. That is insane. We would ask people to come forward and admit they are here without status, give the government their addresses, family member names, places of employment and then take their legal status away? That would leave millions without status again, but give ICE better data to use in rounding them up if they want to. That does not sound like a program that people will rush to participate in. I fear the House will pass a bill so harsh and difficult to comply with, that people will be too afraid participate. That will leave us exactly where we are today.



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