Hardship waivers can now be completed in the US, but I am disappointed.



The Obama Administration has announced that immigrants seeking hardship waivers and residency will be able to complete their application in the United States instead of being separated from their families during the lengthy process.

I must say that I am very disappointed. Although this is an improvement, Obama has once again given us less than he promised. First, this change was supposed to take effect last November. This change can be made through Executive order by the President at any time, but Obama chose to wait. Furthermore, we originally told that seekers of waivers would be able to complete the entire waiver process in the US. Now the Administration is changing things and requiring that the final interview and approval be completed in the immigrant’s home country. We all know that involves danger and delay for the immigrant.

Of course we are happy about the improvement – but we again got less than what Obama promised. We demand more from you Mr. President.



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