DACA DREAMers sue Michigan for refusing them driver’s licenses.

DREAMers with approved DACA applications in Michigan have been denied access to driving privileges – just like in Arizona and Nebraska.  Now DREAMers are responding by suing Michigan for the right to have a drivers license.

We have a massive disconnect with logic here. Young people granted DACA protection are obviously following the rules and trying to work within the laws of our land. While the states of Michigan, Nebraska and Arizona are making it harder for these folks to comply with our laws. Young people need a driver’s license to work, go to school, help family members. These are arguments most of us made to our own parents when we were 16. They have complied with US Customs & Immigration and Homeland Security to get authorization to work legally anywhere in the United States, but some states don’t want them to be able to drive to their jobs!

LIKE if you want to see these states allow DREAMers the right to drive!


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