California jails no longer required to honor ICE Holds!

Kamala-Harris-90Unless people are detained at ICE Detention centers like Otay, California near San Diego – most immigrants are detained at local jails where they were initially arrested. Families expect that when local bonds are paid, or local sentences satisfied, their loved one will be released. Many get the nasty surprise of an ICE Hold that requires local jails to hold people until ICE decides they should be released. This often includes paying an additional ICE Bond or submitting to an ankle monitor.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris has declared that their local police no longer have to honor the ICE Detention and may release immigrants. The ugly truth behind the ICE Detentions is that ICE sometimes forces inadequate small-town jails to hold immigrants that they do not have the resources to handle. Now California jails will be free to control their jail population as they see fit. And in the end, that means that more detained immigrants are coming home to their families!

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