I am a Kid without a Dad

On Monday January 14, 2013 a family fell victim to an ICE raid. Edi Arma was arrested by ICE agents on that Monday morning as he was preparing to take his kids to school. Edi’s 11 year old son witnessed the whole thing. As he was reaching to give his father a hug good-bye ICE agents pushed him away. He is now reaching out for help to get his father back home. He wrote a compelling letter to President Obama.

Letter of 11 year old boy


We see cases like this one everyday and find it heartbreaking. Thousands of families are separated  by these deportations that take place. Obama made a promise to stop low priority deportations and we want to see this happen. Edi is a low priority case and should not be separated from his family. He has two other US born children one of whom has asthma and was hospitalized not too long ago. His family needs him home. There needs to be a change in the way ICE handles their priority cases. We have not seen the change happen. We do not want to see anymore families separated this way. We need change and hope to see it coming our way soon.

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