Choose the Washington lawyer dedicated to immigration law.

If you were having heart problems, you wouldn't hire an eye surgeon. So don't turn to a divorce lawyer when you have an immigration problem. Choose a lawyer dedicated to immigration law. I am attorney Scott Mills, and I have developed my expertise in immigration law by focusing on immigration law for years and I strive to be the best immigration lawyer in Washington.

I defend immigrants against deportation and fight for asylum in the NorthWest Detention Center, Seattle Immigration Court, Portland Immigration Court and throughout the West.

Even charges as simple as DUI, often ruin an immigrant's chance to remain in the United States and gain legal status. Far too often, good people rely on criminal lawyers that do not practice or understand immigration law. I will fight to protect your immigration status in the criminal courts - Federal, State and local.

When you, your family or your business have an immigration problem - or even just questions - contact us for a free consultation. Our main office is near the NorthWest Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington. We also have offices in Olympia and Vancouver, Washington.